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“BizBuilders have worked with the Northland Chamber of Commerce to bring together 16 separate databases and spreadsheets to merge these into one database. This has involved a complex, ongoing scope of work to ensure the staff of the chamber are trained and familiar with the new ACT! database.

The Chamber commends Mitch and BizBuilders for the time, quality of information and Patience in working with us to ensure that we have a Database which will make sure that our members, customers and Northland Businesses are well served by the Chamber.”

Jeff Smith – CEO
Northland Chamber of Commerce

We do Act! Contact Relationship Management (CRM) Software because we believe Act! is the key to your business success!

Act! is a fully customizable software tool designed to work with your company,your  industry, and your products and services.

Act Today @ BizBuilders will provide, install, customize and implement Act! into your business to perfectly suit your needs.

Act! works with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word and can be linked to Quickbooks, MYOB, EXONET and Xero to create a seemless workspace! This allows you to keep all documents and records for each customer conveniently in one place.

During the planning process you will discover the versatility of Act! and how we can customise the database  to maximise efficiency and productivity within your business.

There are extensive add on products and services that can help build additional functionality into an already amazing software solution!

Check our Act Today website for a wide list of our products and services

Once installed we train your team on all aspects of the database related to your business:

  • Keep notes on customers
  • Categorize customers
  • Create Companies
  • Set up appointments
  • Schedule activities
  • Mail merge letters
  • Mail merge emails
  • Create groups
  • Target marketing
  • Stay connected
  • Syncronize your databases
  • Upload data
...and much more!


Enjoy some other amazing benefits of Act!


Act! Premium now comes with mobile enhancements to drive productivity in the field! You can now access your Act! database directly from your iPad,iPhones or Android.

Field Calculations

A great new feature to upload pricing into templates

Email, SMS and Fax

Tell the world about your business inexpensively and effectively. Whether to 10 or 10,000 prospects you can email, SMS or fax to selected businesses, groups, lookups or individuals through Act! All correspondence is tracked in the contacts file! Why pay someone else to email your customers, prepare your newsletters or mail merge documents when you can do it all yourself through ACT!


Whether you have 2 or 200 computers utilizing ACT! the data can be synchronized keeping your main database always current. It’s as easy as sending and downloading a file!

Keeps your business, your business

Employees can and do eventually leave. When they leave, your customers and profits don’t have to leave with them. Now you can seamlessly switch on your new salespeople with ACT! keeping your customers informed through the process of training your new salespeople!

Sponsorship Corner

Act! Today at BizBuilders Limited are proud supporters of Life Education Trust North Shore